Independent budget backpacking is becoming more and more popular. If you backpack around the world, the idea of making money along the way would have crossed your thoughts, a little extra money on the road could see you backpacking for much longer… Nowadays the internet is in every corner of the globe and it’s becoming easier and easier… There are many different methods depending on how much work you want to do or how deeply you want to integrate into a foreign country. A great and FREE place to start is in Travel writing. While your backpacking around the world you will of course form your own observations and opinions, so share them with other travellers and make a little money along the way. If you like this idea then heres a few options that I’ve found:

Keeping a Travel Blog: This way is perhaps the most involved but it can pay off if your willing to do a little hard work. Starting up your own travel blog couldn’t be easier. There is a wealth of great resources available on the internet to help with getting started, monetization and optimising. This approach requires more Administration and you will need to be a writer, a marketer, deal with advertising and website design… But I’ll say it again, the rewards can be big. Some travel bloggers make in excess of $3000 a month! I keep my own travel site about Backpacking Around the World on a Budgetwhich has helped me make money while I travel the world.

Writing for other Travel Websites: This is possibly the easiest way to make money on the road, improve your writing skills and get right into the countries you travel through. Sites like Matador and Boots n All will pay anything between $25 -$50 for short articles, that’s not a lot but look at it like this – if your in a country already then why not pick an angle and write a story about it, what is there to loose? Also it will almost certainly get you off the tourist trail and into the heart of the place.

Teaching English: Again there is a wealth of resources available on-line about this but the best bet is to get accredited with a recognised company like TEFL – the best placements often go to TEFL/TESOL certificated people. This option is more for the long term but it will give you the chance to really integrate into a community. It would be a great way to pay for your travels while you backpack around the world, also you will make a difference to the people you meet.

Using Your Own Skills: This is something most people forget, they leave home not expecting their current skills to apply… Not the case! Look at hairdressing for example, most western travellers won’t want to deal with the language barrier at a local hair stylist and instead let it get big and bushy… But there’s plenty of money to be made at busy places like guest houses for a keen backpacker on a budget…

This is definitely not comprehensive but it’s a starting block that should be considered by any backpacker or traveler looking to keep a tight budget. Use these ides with saving money like using and you will see your budget stretch much further than you expected.

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