Not having the time is the excuse most people give for not exercising. If your concept of exercise is going to the gym and doing an hour of weight training and another hour of cardio, then this excuse is certainly acceptable. However, it does not always have to be done this way. According to researchers, several shorter sessions throughout the day offer the same health and fitness benefits as one long continuous workout session.

You do not have to follow a strict exercise routine, you can still get in shape by simply adding physical activities into your daily life. Below are some suggestions to get some action and movement into your everyday schedule.

1. When you are put on hold or waiting for a website to load, don’t stay idle. March or jog in place. Do knee-ups. This will burn calories and keep you from being annoyed by having to wait. It’s a great way to lower your stress level.

2. When the phone rings, make sure you pick up the telephone unit that is farthest from you. Also, set your answering machine so that it will pick up in five rings to give you time to move.

3. Burn calories during your coffee break. Take a walk, go up and down the stairs. The short physical activity will leave you energized and mentally stimulated. When you go back to your desk, you will be much more productive and creative compared to if you just took coffee and a doughnut.

4. Whenever you take the stairs instead of the elevator, try to increase the intensity by going faster and taking two steps at a time. This will tone your buttocks and your front and back thigh muscles as well as increase the number of calories you burn.

5. Learn to multitask. You can read an important document or professional literature while you’re on the exercise bike. If you need to prepare for a report, use a tape recorder to brainstorm then type your report after working out. You will be surprised to find that ideas and concepts will flow more easily.

6. If possible, don’t drive to work or at least park your car at a distance where you can get a good workout walking to your office building. If your home is less than five miles from your place of employment, ride your bike or walk to work at least thrice a week.

7. Do your exercises each evening while watching your favorite show. Three nights a week you can do your cardio workout and on alternate nights, do resistance training for each major muscle group using free weights, a fitball or fitness bands.

8. Do your errands and run while you’re doing them. To keep yourself from being tempted to drive from one destination to the next, park your car near your last errand. If you have a lot of packages, drop them off at the car then continue to your next errand.

9. Get to those chores that have been left pending for a long time-cleaning the garage, painting the kids’ room, giving your garden a make-over. Play some upbeat music and work on the first task and pretty soon you’ll get everything done and burning a some calories in the process.

10. Go on a date that will not only promote bonding but will also get you and your date moving such as hiking, ice skating, rollerblading or bicycling. Go on backpacking lunch trip. When you reach your destination you can enjoy your healthy packed lunch that will give you the energy you need for your trip going back home.

11. Park and walk instead of driving-thru. Whether you’re going to the bank, drugstore or McDonald’s (for a healthy salad), do it the less-than convenient way for the sake of your health and figure. And when you park your car, pick the farthest slot from the building entrance.

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. These are just a few suggestions and there are many other possibilities depending on the activities you do everyday. With a few adjustments, these activities can be more challenging allowing you to burn more calories while getting them done.

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