To get rid of the monotony of daily life, it is nice to take a break and go vacationing. Seaside villas and sunny beaches may be the perfect holiday spot for some, while others may prefer adrenaline-rushing activities like bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, or skiing. If you want to explore the nature, camping, backpacking, and hiking are for you.

Just like your holiday trip, camping should also be planned well. Else, it may become a nightmare rather than a memorable experience. There are ten essential things you should carry when you go on a camping trip.

1. Compass: If it is going to be your first camping trip. Then, it is mandatory for you to carry a compass. A compass will help you to stay in track. Based on your requirement, you can choose from brass, luminescent, clip-on, or digital compasses.
2. Clothing & Accessories: On any trip, pack plenty of shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and vests along with caps, gloves, and knee pads. When you go for trekking or hiking, it is also mandatory to choose the right footwear. Tupelo Super Store has a wide range of footwear designed exclusively for outdoor activities. They are lightweight and durable, which offer complete comfort and grip.
3. Cookware, Stoves & Fuel: Ordering in pizza wouldn’t be possible on a remote camping site. With a canister or a liquid fuel stove, you can whip up pancakes and cook burgers easily. Make sure to carry basic cookware and utensils, such as pots, pans, mugs, plates, and cutleries.
4. Tent & Tent Accessories: Tent is a very essential camping gear that acts as a shelter and protects you from heat and rain. Tent accessories like poles, stakes, and ropes will help you put up your tent.
5. First Aid: To help heal minor injuries, cuts, and burns, carry your own first aid kit with basic medication and bandages.
6. Knives and Accessories: A mini tool kit with scissors, bottle/can opener, wire cutters, pliers, and knife will certainly help.
7. Sleeping Gear: If you are planning to stay overnight, then you must go equipped with a sleeping gear. You can carry foldable camping cots, blankets, and inflatable pillows. You can also opt for a sleeping bag.
8. Backpacks: A backpack or a waistpack with multiple-compartments will definitely help you keep your personal belongings safe and organized.
9. Water Treatment: You don’t need an unwanted hindrance in your fun trip in the form of a water-borne disease. Be sure to take bottled water or carry your own water purifiers and filters.
10. Flashlights: Standard flashlights, lanterns, or headlamps are must-have camping accessories, which will light up your way, especially during night times.

Tupelo Super Store has all the essential camping gear required for your trip. So get ready and stock up for your next camping trip.

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