10 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With International Freight Shipments

International freight shipping is not as easy as it seems. The dealings of the trade are complex and riddled with bureaucracies at the same time. It is for this reason that many would be international freight shipping enthusiasts have ended up with a myriad of sad tales about their frustrations with this trade. But there are also a good number of shippers who look up to the process simply because they have discovered what it takes to do it right.

Well, this article is for the few of you who are still making costly mistakes when it comes to international freight shipping. To ensure that everyone has a nice tale to tell after their shipments have arrived, we have compiled a list of ten mistakes that you should avoid. We have also gone an extra mile to provide you with excellent tips on how you can avoid such mistakes.

Mistakes To Do With Destination Regulations

It goes without saying that each country is governed by its own unique policies. Being ignorant to the policies that govern the importation of good to a certain country will only mess you up. And it is your responsibility to know what you can and can’t ship not the Freight Company you are using. You are an Adult take responsibility for knowing the regulations and reading your terms and conditions that you are signing. One of the consequences of not adhering to the customs requirements imposed in the destination country is not just a delay in the delivery of goods, but also customs reviews and confiscations. If you put a non-declared item or illegal item in your shipment that is entirely on you and not the freight shipping company. You may end up losing prized belongings and memorabilia. Ex: If you ship a box that has your baby’s pictures in them but also ship jewelry and a watch with batteries, the latter two are illegal to freight ship, and they get caught up in customs, you may never see your pictures again.

As a way out, we propose that you acquaint yourself with the regulations that govern imports in the destination country and basic regulations of international freight shipping. You can always check the country’s latest trade laws or call a trade attorney who is familiar with the laws of that country to keep you updated on any changes.

Mistakes To Do With Incorrectly Packaged Shipments

The packaging of your commodities is vital to ensuring safe delivery. Poor packaging of the goods will automatically result into their damage if accidents were to occur during transit. To be on the safe side, always ensure that your packaging is right such that if the container falls down your goods remain intact as opposed to crumbling under the pressure.

Mistakes To Do With Addressing Errors

Right way to label suite case for freight shipping

Right way to label suite case for freight shipping

Shipments that do not have the right addresses assigned to them always end up being undeliverable. In their haste to ship commodities, most originating agents or exporters forget to verify the destination addresses. Such a shipping company may be forced to bear the cost of returning the undelivered goods, multiple delivery re-attempts and any other customs charges.

Make sure you have reliable address to get your belongings safely to you, if you want to avoid such a scenario. Labeling of the packages should in addition to indicating the destination address, provide essential information about the goods such as the presence of any hazardous materials, this would be your declaration page. The other aspect to package of shipments is Identification. We cannot state this more clearly than this “YOU CAN NOT OVER INDENTIFY YOUR BELONGINGS”. Inside and out. Mistakes on the outside we see: using a little plastic suitcase lock type with a paper slide in it with your name. That is 99% likely to break and fall off in the shipping process.  Put your itinerary outside, as well as inside our luggage. To do this, type up the itinerary, reduce it, and place inside the luggage. Always make sure your address and itinerary are taped to the outside as well. Many times lost luggage is forever lost because of no identification on the bag. Tags do come off and often. Clear tape with full name and address on the outside, we even suggest front and back of your box or suitcase. We suggest taking your address on the suitcase or box as see here.





Mistakes To Do With Shipping Company Selection

If you don’t get the shipping company right then you have everything wrong. But first we need to acknowledge that there is no one company that is perfect in shipping everything. International freight shipping is a highly specialized trade with the players perfecting in some circumstances only. You should consider a shipping company that has developed close relations with the customs officials of your destination country.

Such a freight carrier must be proficient with the custom regulations that govern imports and exports in that country.

Mistakes To Do With Not Knowing Your Actual Shipment Handler

Most of the time the shipment company you contract is not the one that will convey the goods. Your contract may be passed on to a shipping management company that will do the actual delivery of the goods. It is your responsibility to identify that company and familiarize yourself with its policies, guarantees, and delivery schedules. A failure to do this might result in delays or losses that you could have very easily avoided.

Mistakes To Do With NOT declaring items

You need to declare what is in your contents. Customs will hold bags and will contact someone typically. Some countries will only contact the actually person belongings, others will only work with the shipping company. So if you package gets held in a country, we may be able to do whatever possible but if they will only work with the owner of the belongings then there isn’t a lot we can do. This is one of the challenges of international shipping and with any company. FedEx®, UPS®, DHL®. When filing out your declarations make sure you fill it out completely and DON’T try and send illegal items. It is against our terms and conditions and will not be held responsible if your package is held in customs. Instead of doing this malpractice, you should update yourself with any changes in the laws governing the importation or exportation of goods in countries of interest. Some items that should not be shipped are Jewerly, watch and laptop batteries, chemicals, liqueur, produce.

Mistakes To Do With Incorrect Documentation

It can be frustrating for you to import goods only to discover that you lack a vital document for clearing the goods with the customs officials. This automatically leads to delays that are passed on to your clients or customers. Save yourself the drama by always double-checking to confirm that you have all the right documents in the right order. The other most common mistake is just filling out address that is wrong. Sometime we are all such in a hurry we don’t really look at what we are writing because we think it. Double and triple check, have someone else look at address. Make sure you know the law of the country you are shipping to also. You may think you don’t need an apartment number but if it is a law, custom will not send it out because they don’t know where it should go. We know you say well my apartment complex has 10 people and only my last name, but they don’t have time to think that and it’s not their responsibility.

Mistakes To Do With Being Unrealistic

Traveling and Shipping to and from foreign countries comes with its challenges. The main challenges include communication barriers or problems with custom policies and regulations. If you are thinking like a tourist while shipping goods to a foreign country then you will most definitely encounter difficult times. Your mindset should instead be clear at all the time allowing you to blend well with the local communities and relate better with the authorities. You need to make sure you research what can and cannot be shipped into  the country.

Mistakes To Do With Insurance

The type and scope of your insurance really matter. Does it cover all the damages during transit? At a bare minimum, you ought to verify that you are covered for emergency situations and medical costs. Contingent on what you’re carrying in your backpack, you might likewise need to consider individual possessions insurance. With changes in today’s innovations and technology, numerous hikers are currently going with little, light, costly electronic apparatus, for example, cameras, Ipad/Android Tablets and the most recent in cell phones.

In case of losses, what is the procedure to follow while claiming for compensation? You should have the answers to the questions above as well as to other matters pertaining to insurance. Here is a good site comparing Backpackers insurance: https://www.comparetravelinsurance.com.au/cheap-travel-insurance/backpacker-travel-insurance-guide.


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