Shipping Service for your budget

For your needs

USA & Cananda

Asia & New Zealand

Rest Of The World

Europe & UK

*Door to door courier
*Door to Door Air
*Sea depot to sea/land depot (approx 40 US depots)
*Airport to Airport (approx 20 major US airports)
*Door to door courier
*Door to Door Air
*Sea depot to sea/land depot
*Airport to Airport
*Door to door courier
*Door to Door Air
*Door to Door Economy Air
*Door to Door Sea
*Sea depot to sea/land depot (approx 40 depots)
*Airport to Airport (all major airports)
*Door to depot courier (not always door if remote)
*Door to Depot Air ((not always door if remote)
*Sea depot to sea/land depot
*Airport to Airport

We offer the most competive prices
For You, and your budget

Because we focus all our resources for whom we advertise for Students, business people, travelers, and backpackers

We have the best quality service and providers to ship to and from anywhere in the world.

Air Freight Shipping: Allows additional purchase of Tracking for your items. Faster Delivery Times. Still cost effective but more than Sea Freight.

Sea Freight Shipping: If your in now rush and your budget is low this is the choice. There is no tracking available for this service. Typical time of serve is 3-4 months or we have longer for lower costs.

*All delivery times exclude any customs time and illegal contents delay times.

Who can use our service?
Anyone can. We do focus on UTS Students and other international traveling students, business travelers, vacationers, and backpackers.

What is the cost?
Cost depends on size and weight of your package.

How long does it take?
Depends on which type of service (Sea or Air Freight) you choose and the speed of service you choose within those 2 types.